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Ongoing jobs update 3/26/20

Date Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2020

We wanted to share some of the jobs that are still ongoing. If you are working still and you do not see your project on this list, please call your Business Agent in that area just so he knows what jobs he still has going on in his area. This list is just some of the jobs, we will try and keep this posted as jobs are getting the approval to start back up.

- Dakota Kittering
- FCA Distribution Center
- Dunn Paper in Port Huron
- Lenox Township Project
- Amazon Pontiac (very small crew)
- Oakland Community College
- Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant
- OxyChem PCA in Manistee
- Gordie Howe International Bridge Crossing
- Woodingham Pump Station in Lansing (rods)

Whether you are working on a Critical Project or at the house right now, PLEASE Stay Safe.