While the work is very rewarding, it is not for everyone. It requires a sense of pride, commitment to quality, good dexterity, and mechanical skills. The work is very physically demanding and much of it is performed outside, high in the air, on muddy construction sites in the heat of summer as well as the dead of winter.

Journeyman Iron Worker (4 year program):

The Journeyman Iron Worker can perform all types of Ironwork, but the vast majority of the work that is performed by this classification is structural ironwork. This consists of the fabrication, handling, and erection of structural steel columns, beams and other members by welding or bolting. This work is primarily in the industrial and commercial sector on structures such as: towers, bridges, stadiums, high and low rise buildings, steel mills, hospitals, schools, conveyor systems, and other structures. Other types of work include:


Unload, handle, and place reinforcing steel, post tensioning systems and wire mesh by tying and sometimes welding. Reinforced concrete is used in all types of concrete construction including caissons, foundations, bridges, retaining walls, parking structures, wastewater treatment facilities, high and low rise buildings, and many other structures.

Rigger / Machinery Mover:

Load, unload, move, haul, and set machinery, equipment, and materials using power hoists, cranes, gantries, fork trucks, jacks, and other equipment. They use and have knowledge of fiber line, wire rope, skids, rollers, and proper hand signals. Riggers drive semi tractor trailers and must be eligible for and obtain a class A CDL.

Metal Building Erector:

Erect pre-engineered metal buildings. These buildings are constructed of standardized components which make them all similar in construction. The scope of work includes erecting the structural framework, installing the insulation, metal siding, metal roof system, gutters and trim.

Architectural Ornamental Iron Worker:

Install curtain wall, window systems, skylights, exterior composite panels, metal siding, metal roofs, louvers, clay tiles, entrance doors, overhead doors, specialty doors, and other architectural finish materials and systems.