Members of Iron Workers Local 25 can earn a Construction Supervision Certificate or a Construction Supervision Associate in Science degree - entirely online.

Apply for your credits:

  • Successfully complete one, three-credit class at Washtenaw Community College.
  • Complete the Request for Apprenticeship Credit Form.
  • Submit the completed form to WCC via email, fax or mail.
  • WCC will verify your apprenticeship.
  • Call (734) 973-3685 for details.
  • Complete the required five Construction Supervision classes (15 credits).
  • Earn your Certificate.
  • Complete the additional 30 general education credits.
  • Earn your Associate in Science degree.
  • If you have previous college credits, apply for a credit transfer.

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Introduction to Online Learning

Begin your degree by completing the Introduction to Online Learning class. This is a non-credit class designed to prepare you for success in the online classroom.

You are closer to a college degree than you think!

Credit Breakout for Associate in Science Degree

  Metal Building Erector
Reinforcing Iron Worker
Rigger/Machinery Mover
Architectural & Ornamental
Journeyman Iron Worker
Apprenticeship Credits 19 credits 26 credits
Construction Supervision Credits 15 credits 15 credits
General Education Credits 30 credits 30 credits
Writing 6-7 credits (2 classes) 6-7 credits (2 classes)
Speech 3 credits (1 class) 3 credits (1 class)
Mathematics (MTH 169 or higher) 3-4 credits (1 class) 3-4 credits (1 class)
Natural Science with Lab 4 credits (1 class) 4 credits (1 class
Social Science 6 credits (2 classes) 6 credits (2 classes)
Arts and Humanities 6 credits (2 classes) 6 credits (2 classes)
Computer and Information Literacy* 3 credits (1 class) 3 credits (1 class)
Associate in Science 64 credits 71 credits

Construction Supervision

The Construction Supervision Program: Earn a Certificate or Associate in Science Degree while acquiring leadership and project management skills.

  • UAS 111: Construction Supervision I - Motivating Employees
  • UAS 122: Construction Supervision II - Supervisory Skills
  • UAS 210: Construction Supervision III - Legal and Personnel Aspects
  • UAS 222: Construction Supervision IV - The Construction Project
  • UAS 230: Construction Supervision V - Scheduling and Project Management

Call (734)973-3685 for details