Apprentices earn while they learn, attending school one week every three months for technical and basic hands on training in the trade. While not attending school they are available for work in the field, learning from skilled Journeymen on the job. Apprentices begin earning 18.58 per hour and earn an increase each six months throughout their four year apprenticeship. The cost of the training includes books, which are $500 and tuition of $90 every six months.

All Apprentices are expected to:

  • Present yourself as a professional at all times
  • Attend, on time, all school days as attendance is mandatory
  • Complete all training requirements and assignments
  • Report on time and ready for work every day
  • Perform all job tasks diligently and to the best of your ability
  • Remain with an assigned contractor until laid off
  • Remain drug free and current under the required testing program(s)
  • Remain alcohol free during any activities associated with the job or school
  • Abide by all provisions of the Standards, Guidelines, and other policies of the program

With Journeyman status comes many benefits including: membership in one of the most respected construction trades Unions, the security of being recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada as a qualified Journeyman Iron Worker, having the ability to work anywhere in the country, and Journeymen completing an apprenticeship are eligible for up to 42 College credits. With apprenticeship training, field experience, a degree, and lots of hard work your opportunities are endless.